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Quick connect boxes

A revolution in electrical installation!

Assemble a contact point in less than a minute with new Woertz quick-connection terminals – no wire interruption and no tools needed. It only takes a fraction of the time to install wire connections.


For Woertz Dali, Combi and Power flat wires indoors and their IP68 editions for outdoors. Available in 24 different editions with plug models Code 1 3Pole (L1, L2 or L3 NPE) or 5Pole 3LNPE or Code2 (L1‑, L2- or L3-NPE + Bus 1+2) for Dali.

The wire profile makes it impossible to connect the terminal incorrectly, so no expert technicians are needed. Additional terminals can be added to the flat wire whenever and wherever.

The connection terminals are lateral, so they can also be installed in narrow channels. The built-in mount also makes direct installation on the ceiling or wall possible. The terminal can also optionally be secured against interference with a screw.

Technical advantages

  • Reliable contact
  • Quickest installation possible
  • Flexible to extend
  • Install without any tools
  • Zero mechanical confusion
  • Possible to assemble without a specialist
  • Safety classes IP20 (unplugged) and IP40 or IP68 (plugged)
  • System can be pre-assembled

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Product systems

Woertz Power 5G flat wire system

Woertz Power IP 5G flat wire system

Woertz DALI 3G flat wire system

Woertz DALI 5G flat wire system with bus

Woertz DALI/Combi 5G flat wire system

Woertz DALI 5G IP flat wire system

Woertz DALI 5G IP flat wire system with bus