Gotthard Base Tunnel

Emergency lighting and temporary site lighting

Project Description:

With the Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland writes great tunnel construction history. With its 57km, the Gotthard Tunnel is the longest tunnel in the world. High demands are placed on man and material. This required the development of a new can with a high degree of IP protection. In addition to the high requirements, the box also brings significant time savings during installation thanks to the quick connection technology.

Highly visible and reliably functioning emergency lighting must be guaranteed even after several years of operation. There are new requirements for our flat cable system. With the development of a flat cable with insulation integrity FE180, the emergency lighting is supplied with energy for up to 3 hours even in case of fire – enough time to evacuate the tunnel safely. In addition to the emergency lighting in the tunnel and the access tunnels, Woertz also provided the temporary construction site lighting.

Product systems used:

Flat cable system IP 3G2.5 mm² and 3G4 mm² (IP66/68)

This system is ideally suited for tunnel construction due to its high IP protection level and extraordinary flexibility in terms of changeability and expandability.

Fire safety system FE180 E30/E90 3G2.5 mm²

Fire safety system FE180 E30/E90 3G2.5 mm² for power supply of safety-relevant elements, such as emergency and escape route lighting, smoke extraction systems or fire department elevators.

Cable routing systems Fire safety

Fastening technology that ensures the power supply even in an emergency.