Ice rink Ambri Piotta HCAP

Versatile comfort and safety

Project Description:

Ambri’s new Hockey Temple is ultra-modern and comfortable. The new building, designed by architect Mario Botta, can accommodate a total of 7000 people. Thanks to the polyvalent structure with stores, restaurants and various lounges, the stadium will be able to be used for numerous, varied events throughout the year and will henceforth represent an important tourist attraction for the entire region. Woertz supplied two systems for the new multifunctional arena.

The first system is the 5x2.5mm² + 2x1.5mm² combination cable with the new Raptor series 49072 and 49073. This installation will be used to manage the brightness of the hall during the day by automatically controlling the curtains that protect the windows of the ice rink from the sun’s rays.

The second system with the 3x4mm² cable will be used to power the lamps that will illuminate the ice rink. The system provides a perimetral power supply with redundancy that feeds the 19 busbars installed under the roof, where the lamps are placed. We supplied the junction boxes with the plug with the integrated fuse holder.

By the way, the same E30 system with 16mm² cable was used in the Quinto highway tunnel 300 meters away as the crow flies.

We wish Ambri much success and joy in the new Valascia!

Product systems used:

Fire safety system FE180 E30/E90 3G4 mm²

Fire safety system FE180 E30/E90 3G4 mm² for power supply of safety relevant elements

Flat cable system Combi 5G2.5+2x1.5 mm² (KNX)

Flexible system for decentralized building automation that combines power current and bus data line in a single cable application.